Cannalope Kush


Cantaloupe, Lemongrass and Melon

happy yet relaxing high for a carefree escape.

Kingpen Cannalope Kush Vape

kingpen Cannalope Kush vape the exotically named Cannalope kush by DNA Genetics is a Indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. It is a cross between OG Kush #18 and Cannalope Haze, which is a cross between a Mexican landrace strain with the Haze Brothers original Haze strain. While the sativa effects are dominant, the euphoria is punctuated with the supplementary influence of indica effects as well. This strain is often hailed in Northern California as “Momma Kush.”

Cannalope Kush has dense, light green nuggets that are generously frosted and covered in wiry orange hairs. The compact buds are dotted with thin, light green leaves. These beautiful nuggets have a balanced effect that can sometimes be a bit racy depending on dosage. While some get a nice cerebral euphoria and boost in creativity, it also tends to elevate the mood and bring in casual relaxation, making ideal for a late afternoon toke or celebratory wake and bake. Expect a pleasant pressure around the temples and behind the eyes. This strain can be used to treat migraines, anxiety issues, depression, and sleeping disorders such as insomnia

The aroma of Cannalope Kush is a surprising blend of fresh cut cantaloupe with haze undertones, almost like a subtle perfume. The taste of the smoke is light and pleasant with woody undertones, with subtle fruit vibes but with no citrus. Many deem the taste both crisp and refreshing.



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