Banana Sherbet

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Sweet, Creamy and Fruity

Relaxing euphoria together with a focused or energized creativity. Helps to increase eating appetite together with the reduction of nausea.

Kingpen Banana Sherbet Vape

kingpen Banana Sherbet vape tends to lean on the stronger side with a high of 24% THC, so those who are less experienced may want to steer clear. Her flower is a sight to behold, as nugs are olive green with purple undertones, amber pistils, and bright white trichomes. Both flavors and aromas come at you unapologetically with a blend of banana and diesel that’s laced with a strong sour note. If you need to smoke discreetly, this strain is most certainly not the one to do it with.

its a wonderful treat that everyone should try at least once. Developed by Crockett Family Farms, this balanced hybrid is a cross between AJ’s Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbet. Imparting a rollercoaster ride of effects, users will first have to make their way through some pretty interesting flavors.

Initially, Sour Banana Sherbet imparts an energetic high that allows users to feel a bit more pep in their step without bouncing off the walls. Happiness will envelop you no matter what’s going on around you and offers a way to get through the rest of the afternoon with ease. Timing is everything here, however, as this strain eventually takes a turn toward relaxation that’s hard to overcome.

17 reviews for Banana Sherbet

  1. James Cody

    Love for this flavor… Keep me high all day

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