Blackwater OG has a sweet grape aroma that blends with subtle undertones of lemon and pine. 88.8%Total THC


When Cali Connection crossed Mendo Purps and SFV OG Kush, two legendary California strains, they created Blackwater (or Blackwater OG), a hybrid strain named after a popular song of the same name by the Doobie Brothers. To create feminized seeds, Cali Connection uses Mendo Purps and Tahoe OG S1 instead of SFV OG Kush, but the resulting plant maintains highly resinous, purple-hued buds regardless. BUY BIG CHIEF BLACKWATER OG

The strain produces a floral and citrusy flavor with hints of coffee, honey, and pine. Blackwater won third place for Best Indica at the 2014 High Times Medical Cup in Los Angeles. 88.8%Total THC

The products of Big Chief carts contain distilled cannabis oil and food-grade terpenes derived from the organic plants. The same process is use for both CBD and THC products. There is no use of any sort of cutting agents such as Vitamin E acetate. Emulsifier, or synthetic products that can possibly alter the cannabis oil and terpene formulation. The vertical integration of the supply chain has enabled the Big Chief to supervise the process from scratch until a final product is distributed to the end consumer.

Big Chief carts extracts are famous for being pure cannabis oil distillates, which is rare to find. That is what makes it so desirable and appreciated by consumers. Their vape carts is produce in more pure form. A few of the Big Chief carts’ prominent features we can not ignore.

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