Forbidden Fruit

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Forbidden Fruit is the cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie. Brass Knuckles’ Forbidden Fruit Cartridge hits hard between the eyes and lays into the body with each hit. This pleasantly potent concentrate will leave you feeling uplifted and satisfied, providing the full effects of Forbidden Fruit in a convenient cartridge form

Brass Knuckles Forbidden Fruit

brass knuckles Forbidden Fruit..Eve had the right idea – that is if she were reaching for this particular Forbidden Fruit. Apples are great and all, but we assure you once you’ve tried this strain, you’ll have a hard time imagining Eden with anything else. This 70/30 hybrid is made by crossing two extremely flavorful and effects-heavy strains, Cherry Pie and Tangie, to create a well-balanced, delicious nighttime bud.

The THC levels in this indica-dominant strain are regularly reaching heights of 26% or more, giving users a powerful high that begins in your head, but rounds out with you completely couch locked and/or asleep. As its parentage would suggest, this is a flavorful bud packed with bright cherry sweetness, tropical fruitiness, citrus and pine tones, and a smooth musky aftertaste. The aromas of pine, lemon, and cherry complement the rich coloring of this forest green rocky nugget. To round out the aesthetic these buds are covered in bright green trichomes, sticky resin, and a thin spattering of orange hairs.


As rare as its name might suggest, this strain is not totally impossible to find, though you might have a good go at it. Because it’s not totally clear what countries or states offer this gem, you may have to do a bit of research to get your hands on it. With that being said, once you’ve tried it, you’re unlikely to get it off your mind. This Forbidden Fruit is one that even the snake would keep for himself.
Forbidden Fruit may sound daunting when you hear it, but this plant actually isn’t too hard of a grow. It is recommended for those with skills at least intermediate level or above. This is an indoor/outdoor ready seed, though controlled environments are best.

46 reviews for Forbidden Fruit

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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